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Hi guys.
I know know that I’ve stated multiple times that I would start posting art again however ever time I’ve stated this something have gotten in the way, but I’ve recently decided upon doing something life altering because I’ve dropped out of school and decided to travel about in Europe and work odd jobs here and there. I’ve decided to do this because I value my own mental wellbeing higher than society’s standards on how you should be educated.

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Guys, I did a shirt design to night instead of homework… whuuuuups

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Hi guys. I would like to apoligise for my recent (and quite for a while) inactivity, but Im been trying hard to focus on other things in my life and left that I needed to take a break from tumblr. however I’m planning on starting to upload art more often now! (plus i have art projects from the last 3 months which i can show you guys)

I hope that you guys are doing great and enjoying spring! 

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This happens about every single day in my life :I

Glow in the dark egg pin


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all hail Queen Lexi of the pumpkin mountain! <3 

I want a lip tattoo, but it’s expensive though.. 

Have you guys met my stupid cat??

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